Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Story Behind My Album "Tales Of Silicon Valley"

Tales Of Silicon Valley,  a synth driven album with orchestral, dance and rock instrumental tracks is my follow-up album to Journey To The High King. The concept was inspired by computer and software pioneers, entrepreneurs and my days working for my Dad Jimmy Hotz at Hotz Interactive 1989-1997 where I was honored to meet some fascinating minds.

Starting with the inventor's  "Conceptualizing a Vision" to the rhythmic work of "Coding" all the way through physical manifestation in "Hardware In Production", I aim to tell of the story of passionate work in the tech field. "In The Game Grid" was actually inspired by the film Tron Legacy yet fits nicely into the albums computer theme.

The soundtrack style album which is soon to be released, has each note individually performed via MIDI keyboard "no loops", was recorded in Logic Audio and uses sounds from the virtual synth library's of East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold Complete (the most valued sound library I've ever owned) , Absynth (the best synth sound library in my opinion)  and Heavocity's "Evolve" (epic drums sounds, now Damage is on my wish list!) just to name a few.

Rain San Martin is a Multimedia Composer and Digital Artist living in Fort Wayne, IN with her husband Sage and two children.


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