Saturday, April 13, 2013

How the Fisher Price Tape Recorder Got Me Interested In Recording

by Rain San Martin

The most important toy I ever owned was the Fisher Price Tape Recorder, released around 1980. At age 6 the first sound I recorded was the audio from the Johnny Carson late night show, it must have been a Friday or Saturday night:)  I was in complete awe of the fact that I could playback what I had just heard live in the family living room. Though I was not yet using it to record original music, a permanent light went off in my mind.  I immediately made audio diary's and pretend commercials with my friends.

Today one way to awaken a child to the possibilities of recorded sound is to let them capture themselves with an inexpensive digital camera or mp3 recorder. Don't be afraid of them breaking the equipment, let them learn from the real thing if possible.


Rain San Martin is a Multimedia Composer and Digital Artist living in Fort Wayne, IN with husband Sage and two children.

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