Friday, February 8, 2013

Top 3 Music and Digital Art Business Goals for February 2013

      *Complete final mixes for my second album "Tales Of Silicon Valley".

  At this stage the album is nearly complete. After getting feed back from 2 people whom I trust in the field of music, I'm making a few subtle adjustments to the mix.  Some of the suggestions I will implement in future recordings rather than redoing a song. I believe in reasonable limitations.   

·    *Take stock photography images for possible stock photo site submissions. 


      I'm working on capturing the interior of our home for living room, porch and kitchenette shots. 

·         *Practice 3D animation (for digital art creation) with the open source software program Blender 15min. 5 days per week or for 1 hour and 15min each week. 

 Here is a link to an inspiring image made with a 3D animation program for sell in istock. I hope to create technology images in the future of this nature. 

Rain San Martin is a Multimedia Composer and Digital Artist living in Fort Wayne, IN with husband Sage and two children.